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CD Reader

CD Reader is a freeware plugin to play audio CDs with exceptional quality. It plays CD using digital extraction of audio samples, thus no audio cable is necessary.

Extract and put files in c:/Progra~1/WinAmp/plugins/

Kernel Streaming Output Plugin V3.5

Kernel Streaming is a method of sending digital audio data to an audio device that bypasses Windows' KMixer. KMixer takes audio feeds from any program attempting to output sound and mixes them together before outputting the mixed signal to the computers sound card. In order to simplify this process, the various streams of data get resampled to a single sample frequency, typically 48KHz before being passed on to the sound card. In general this process is acceptable, but for high fidelity applications modifying the signal is generally held to be undesirable. In these situations it is preferable to keep all signals in their original format throughout the chain and this is where Kernel Streaming comes in. Because Kernel Streaming bypasses KMixer, this stage of resampling is avoided and, assuming the sound card and driver are capable of handling it, the audio stream is passed through to the ouput (either DAC's or SPDIF) without modification.

It should be borne in mind that not all sound cards are capable of this and some will always internally resample audio to a specific frequency.

For my purposes, I wanted to be able to play HDCD tracks from my media PC and decode the HDCD data with my external HiFi processor. For this to work, the bitstream coming out of the PC must be a perfectly uncorrupted copy of the original data for the HDCD decoder to recognise that it is indeed dealing with HDCD data so I started using Chun-Yu's original WinAmp plugin with my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 cards SPDIF output. While this allowed me to get an uncorrupted bitstream through to the HDCD processor, it made my system very unstable resulting in some very unpleasant crashes. Fortunately, Chun-Yu had also posted his source code, so I was able to rewrite the core routines of the plugin to address these stability issues. Since then, various people have asked about other features and there have been things about the plugin that have personally annoyed me, which leads us to this release.


I couldn't believe my eyes, windows media player 10 contains the professional version of the latest fraunhofer codec in it's package, but it doesn't appear on the audio compression manager for windows (at least for me).

Here's an installer for the codec, that properly installs the codec to your audio compression manager (ACM), so that any program can use it.

I love microsoft's gifts. BetaMaster

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