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Computer ULLER
For the first time i work with computer 1982 on Apple 2. Since my first contact with computers i go on to discover their wonderfull world. Now I am one of this manic hardware overclockers. On a picture You may see one of my previous computer "ULLER". Now my computer have a different name - "TARCAMISHI". I have more than 10 prizes from radio broadcast "Mic&Mouse" which run every suturday night on waves of National Radiostation "DARIK". I go to several overclock competition with "ULLER", it was amasing machine. Peanut Linux 9.5Now "TARCAMISHI" is clear GNU/Linux computer, I put on it Peanut Linux 9.5. Peanut Linux is one of my favorite Linux disrtibution, but I work and with Mandrake and Debian.

Some information on Peanut Linux 9.5
Do you want an alternative to your existing OS?. With Peanut Linux you only have to download 340 Mb. This pre-software configured OS has a most spectacular Graphical Interface, in our words, the most astounding, versatile, usable & stable operating system today. Especially made for those new to Linux, we believe this to be the most PROFESSIONAL, FASTEST and FUN distribution yet!. Applications exceed SuSE, Red Hat, Corel,Slackware, Caldera,Mandrake, etc ...
I aim to please all user(s), expert(s) and newbie(s) alike who have already tried Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2K, XP, OS/2, BeOS or MacOS but want to gain the real experience for your PC!. Peanut Linux at only 340 Mb to download, comes jam packed with some of the most newest LINUX software available today! A 100% pure LINUX Glibc 2.2.5, Libc6 ELF system. The entire system when installed is less than 800 Mb! Thiis is the most convenient, fastest, operable and appealing Operating System for your x86 PC.
Loaded with KDE 3.1, E v16.5, X Windows, Kernel 2.4.20 with USB.
Plus a lot more cool graphical & interesting friendly fun stuff.

SorgoNet also on Animation!! Gates vs Tux
Gates versus Tux is claymation done by It shows the end of the Microsoft vs Linux war. ENJOY IT!

Gates vs Tux
Press the image to download the animation (no sound) 1.5Mb
Mirror here